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If you are getting cold water at your shower there are a few things you can safely check yourself, firstly you need to work out if your shower is electrically heated or runs off a combo/system boiler. If you have a large red switch or a pull string to turn your shower on, then its most likely its an electric shower. These use electricity to heat the water as it passes through the unit, firstly make sure the switch is on and if the switch has a light that it is illuminated, or shows ‘ON’. If the switch is on and there is still no hot water you will need to see if breaker has tripped or been accidentally turned off, go to the fuse board and look for the breaker that will hopefully be marked shower, and if required put back to the ‘on’ position. If the breaker trips again or there is still no hot water please report using the online form.

If your shower is run from a boiler please try the advice here before reporting: No Hot Water?